How To Choose Relevant Keywords For Business


Choosing relevant keywords and keywords phases is one of the most important steps in any website search engine optimization. It is sometimes hard to choose the right terms for the search engines. Every one want to increase traffic to his website, to attract the right an audience is a necessary to choose the relevant keywords, then you need to understand how to research and how to choose relevant keywords for your business.


keywords Research Tools

Below tools are the some tools listed for help you to analyse your wbsite’s performance, keywords data, search volume ranking difficulty, competition on the keywords. There are many tools available, but here are some of my favourites to get keywords research.

1. Ahrefs – It is complete suit of the keywords research, content and SEO tools.

2. Google Ads Keyword Planner – You can evaluate monthly search volumes (Global and Local) of the keywords, competition levels and yearly trends.

3. Serush – It provides competitor website keywords data and helps you to find keywords for your website.

4. Ubersuggest – You can check your competitor website back link, keywords in where you competitors are ranked and website SEO check.

Think Like Your Customer

Before the start of keywords research, you need to identify your target audience and you need to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Ask yourself, If i want to find one of this product or service, what will i type into search engines. You can also consult your current customers , how did they find your product and services on the search engines. It will help you to choose the right and relevant keywords.

Study Your Competition 

It is the most working way to do keywords research, First study your competitor’s website. Create a list of your competitors and their websites to see, on what keywords they are targeting and ranking on the search engines and read their content and view their website pages titles and meta description and meta keywords. It has helped you to identify the keywords and targeting. Looking at your competitor’s website will not only help you to see what you could have missed and what your competitor’s implementing new things on their website.

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